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Welcome to Four Rivers Coffee Company

The family run Hertford based micro roastery and coffee shop which brings you consciously sourced and traceable specialty coffees from around the world.

Based in Hertford Heath, we roast all our coffees in our roasting shed on our 1kg Aillio Bullet. In true micro roastery style, we roast to order, ensuring your beans arrive to you as fresh and as tasty as possible.

Our aim is to make specialty coffee accessible to everyone. From Pour over Perfectionists to Latte lovers, from coffee aficionados to just plain old coffee drinkers. We want you to find the coffee that you enjoy, whilst also tantalising your taste buds with something new.

The flavours you taste in our coffees do not come from us, they come from the dedication and hard work of the farmers who grow these fantastic coffees. Our job is to simply roast them with care and precision, to bring out the beans' innate flavour profile.

If you want to ditch the mainstream and jump aboard the speciality coffee boat, head to our shop now!


    All our coffee is lovingly roasted every Sunday.


    All our coffee is sourced from a single origin.


    All freshly roasted beans are dispatched on Mondays.

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