About us

Who are we?

We are small but growing Micro Roastery based in Hertfordshire.

Ashley is the Head Roaster and takes care of all things Coffee - from roasting to brewing and cupping.

Four Rivers was established and built throughout the COVID pandemic, where Ashley took the time to build the micro roastery and develop his roasting skills. After many long nights, and weekends, Four Rivers Coffee Company was born!

Our vision

Our passion is to consciously source coffee from great farmers around the world.

Roast the coffee to precision, bringing out its innate flavour profile.

Provide our local communities and the world with freshly roasted coffee to order.

Help people to navigate the ‘third wave’ coffee scene.

Challenge your drinking habits as well your taste buds.

Make speciality coffee accessible for everyone!

But why are we called 'Four Rivers'?

We are based in Hertford which lies at the confluence of Four Rivers. The River Lee, the River Rib, the River Mimram and the River Beane. Historically the Rivers served Hertford, bringing the town grains and produce. It was the rivers that made Hertford such a prosperous town. In 2022 we will be providing the town and further afield not grains for brewing beer but fantastic coffee instead.